Lofoten Islands

In June-July 2016 I took part in a UBES summer trip to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The islands are without a doubt the most spectacular area I’ve ever been to.

Trip highlights:

  • The midnight sun (the islands are in the Arctic Circle)
  • The astounding view from Reinebringen
  • Horseidvika beach (it looks like the Caribbean - until you jump into the sea and feel the temperature!)
  • Endless vistas of mountains rising straight up out of the sea
  • Allemannsrett

The only slight mishap was a few of us getting stuck in Bodø for 3 days waiting for our lost luggage…There’s a lovely national park nearby, but it’s not a cheap city to be stuck in on a student budget! We covered 70km on Moskenesøya with the rest of the team (once we had our bags back) hiking from Ramberg to Å via Kvalvika beach, Horseidvika beach, Reinebringen, and Munken. We also hiked ~40km on our own exploring around Bodø.

One day we’ll be back…

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