Hi, I’m Cat.

I translate law and policy into code as a Privacy Engineer at Dynatrace. As an Internet Society Early Career Fellow and ECCRI European Cybersecurity Fellow, I’m learning to bridge the gap between tech and policy together with a fantastic bunch of fellows and experts, and am developing an introductory online course on privacy engineering.

Previously, I hacked CPUs for a living at the IAIK, had a brief but transformative glimpse into the world of Privacy and Civil Liberties Engineering at Palantir, and did my initial geeking out over computer architecture and security in my MEng in Computer Science at the University of Bristol.

When I’m not coding, you’ll usually find me in the mountains, either knee-deep in snow or gazing in awe at the views! You can check out some of my adventures here.



Shockingly, not all about CPUs.

Academic Service

  • ACM CCS: Program Committee (Hardware, Side Channels, and Cyber-Physical Systems Track) 2023, 2024
  • USENIX PEPR: Program Committee 2024
  • IACR CHES: Artifact Review Committee, 2023

Giving What We Can

A badge from the organization Giving What We Can with the text 'I donate 10% of my income to effective charities'

I’ve taken the Giving What We Can pledge to donate 10% of my income to effective charities, and I encourage you to do the same if that’s financially feasible for you.

If you’d like to donate but don’t know how or where to start, Giving What We Can has some great resources to help guide you in evaluating which charities can do the most good with your money - and to nudge you to get started! (Check out “How Rich Am I?”)